Expertise In Straightening Auto Chassis

We Make Awesome Repairs

We work on any type of auto from European to American. We have a modern system to straighten "Chassis" and compact. Dear and crane service free to leave the unit repaired. We do the paperwork with your insurance company. High quality and speed in all our work.

Chassis Repair

We have a team of highly trained professionals to put at your disposal. This and the extensive experience in our field make us the best choice to work with your car.

When working with your car we do it with dedication and speed. We have an advanced system to work straightening the chassis of your car.

This Is Pancho...

This is Pancho, Pancho repair your car after an accident, do not let Pancho fix your car, bring it to Garage Andalucia and call us today at 787-761-9643.

Paint Jobs

We have two cabins for painting services, each duly certified by OSHA. Contact us for a quote.


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